Essex Sports Cars - Will You Put A Private Plate On Your Brand Spanking New Car

71 Plate Is Coming Next Month - Will You Put A Private Plate On Your Brand Spanking New Car?

Hopeful Car Enthusiasts Look Forward To The 71 Plate

Car enthusiasts often look forward September which is only 1 month away from now. Why? Because the latest batch of cars is rolling off production lines and into showrooms and will get assigned the new registration marques with 71 printed on them.

Latest reports suggest new car sales are up; this is the ideal time to secure a new vehicle, most likely because of the latest ULEZ and also the pandemic has saved UK Citizens some spare cash to invest into their next motor car.

Would You Put A Private Plate On Your Brand New Car?

New cars are often shown off by the latest registration marks - for September 2021 this will be 71 plate.  But how many people out there will get a private plate on their car to disguise the age?  Usually people assign a private plate to disguise the age of an old car, but would you disguise the age of a new car?

Essex Sports Cars spoke to a few people today and they had mixed views. Firstly, people love showing off a brand new plate, it's a status factor and it makes your vehicle stand out. However, some people said a private plate, depending on what it is, actually fits well with any car new or old. This is because a premium plate such as a 1x3, as per the picture, is probably worth the same or if not more than a brand new car, so people who know about plates and cars know that the car is worth something and equally so is the number plate.  

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