Legality & DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier Information

Manomay One Ltd, t/a Essex Sports Cars is authorised by the DVLA with Supplier Identity Number 63764 under The Vehicles Crime (Registration of Registration Plate Suppliers) Regulations 2008 detailed in Statutory Instrument 2008 No.1715 under the powers of The Vehicles (Crimes) Act 2001(a). Registered Head Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ but the operation center is located in Essex IG9 6ED area.

Manomay One Ltd, t/a Essex Sports Cars is certified to BS AU 145e standard and is fully compliant with The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 as detailed in Statutory Instrument 2009 No.811 under the powers of The Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994(a)

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